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Italian Buffet

Two-Hour Open Bar

beer: Miller Light, Heineken, Samuel Adams, and Fosters

wine: Chardonnay, Merlot, White Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon

freshly brewed cofee, regular and decaffinated

tea, iced tea, and soft drinks

Antipasto Platter (per table)

genoa salami, ham, cappicola, raosted red peppers, provolone,

black olives, anchovies, pepperoncini peppers, and sliced tomato

Station 1
choice of

- Caesar salad

- insalata capricciosa of fennel, radicchio, tomato,
red onion, black olives, iceberg, romaine, and vinagrette

Station 2
choice of one pasta and one sauce


- penne

- rigatoni

- spaghetti


- a la vodka

- marinara

- bolognese

Station 3

choice of

- veal parmigian

- baked lamb shank

- sausage and meat balls

Station 4
choice of

- herb spinach crusted salmon

- roasted cod a la puttanesca

Station 5
choice of

- chicken piccata with lemon caper sauce

- chicken marsala with mushrooms

- chicken breast stuffed with sun dried tomato, mushroom, and mozarella

Station 6
choice of

- grilled eggplant rolatini

- vegetable stuffed zucchini

- assorted grilled vegetables

Sweet Table and Fresh Fruit

tiramisu, cannoli, italian cheese cake, whole and fresh fruit display

for more information,
Contact Chef John Calomiris Tel: 561-582-0472 Fax: 561-582-8579

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